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'Letting Go' e-book Now Available for Free

Free e-book! ‘Letting Go’ e-book now available for download. All reading device formats and PDF.


After quite a bit of wrangling, updating, proofing, and trial and error, ‘Letting Go’ is now available as a free e-book download.

It’s available for any reading format at Smashwords.


It should be available soon for free in the Amazon store. An author can’t actually set their e-book for free. The minimum you can set it is $2.99. In order for it to be free, you have to set the price free on…

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In Memory of Daniel Rieske

In Memory of Daniel Rieske


Dan – the trauma of losing you has passed. But the grief of missing you, and my love for you, is just as strong as ever.

It’s been 13 years today since I lost my fiance, Dan Rieske, to Clinical Depression. He had a potentially fatal disease, yet he refused to seek medical treatment because our society told him it wasn’t a physical illness but a weakness of character. He was ashamed by his…

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